* The Valor balisong model has been discontinued. *

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The Valor balisong is the first “production” style knife offered by Heibel Knives. The Valor was released in 2019 and followed by full production in 2020. A total of 84 were produced, and since then have been discontinued.


Overall Length: 10″
Handle Length: 5.56″
Handle Width: 0.45″ (at grip)
Handle Material: 6Al-4V Titanium
Handle Construction: Sandwich
Handle Finish: –
Blade Length: 5.2″
Blade Material: RWL34
Blade Finish: –
Blade Style: Bowie
Tang Mechanics: Zen pins
Pivot System: Caged ceramic bearings
Pivot Hardware: TiConnector stainless steel pivots (T8 Torx)
Weight: 5.1 oz

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The Heibel Knives Valor balisong will be available through select dealers in 2020!