The Invictus balisong is the fourth “production” style knife offered by Heibel Knives. Invictus means “undefeated” or “unconquerable” The inspiration for the Invictus came from combining all of the good aspects from both its predecessor knives, the Sapient and the Menace, focusing on the flippability, comfort, and balance. We took the menace handles and slimmed them down to decrease the overall frame size, added and extended the jimping, and utilized side chamfers where the handle is gripped in order to give the handles a more rounded feel. We increased the washer thickness from 0.016″ to 0.02″ so that blade thickness and weight can be reduced. The blade tang was also redesigned to keep that extra material away so it doesn’t interfere with your fingers during flips. Also, the Invictus is being offered at a much lower price, who wouldn’t want that?

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Handle Length: 5.625″
Handle Width: 0.41″ – 0.535″ (taper)
Handle Thickness: 0.475″
Handle Material: 6Al-4V Titanium
Handle Style: Full channel – tapered
Handle Finish: Raw, stonewashed
Blade Length: 5.51″
Blade Thickness: 0.137″
Blade Material: RWL34
Blade Finish: Acid stonewashed/Raw stonewashed
Tang Mechanics: Tang pins
Overall Length: 10.375″
Pivot System: Stainless steel Bushings and Phosphor Bronze washers
Pivot Hardware: TiConnector stainless steel pivots (T8 Torx)
Weight: 4.5 oz

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The Heibel Knives Invictus balisong will be available in August 2022!